About Us

Vision Statement

The Burnsville Elementary School staff strives to create a nurturing environment that fosters academic achievement, as well as, socially responsible and successful learners, through collaboration with families and community with the purpose of meeting and/or exceeding state academic standards.

Our Mission (We believe:)

  1. Children come first.
  2. In creating an environment that fosters safety and security both physically and emotionally for students and staff which will enhance quality instruction, learning and achievement.
  3. All students can learn and achieve a measure of success if given the opportunity.
  4. High expectations should be challenging, foster responsibility, and relevant to life-long learning.
  5. Educational success is a shared responsibility of parents, staff, students, and community.
  6. Good character is defined by mutual respect, honesty, fair treatment, integrity and is the responsibility of everyone.
  7. It is the responsibility and privilege of our staff to impart confidence in our student’s abilities and potential by never giving up on the child.

History of Burnsville Elementary School


“By Kanawha’s little stream There stands a building made of stone Although it’s rather small in size Its fame is widely known For loyal sons and daughters Have proclaimed it thru the land And everywhere they work or play By BHS they stand " 

Autumn Amos

These lyrics written in 1932 by Music/Band Teacher Autumn Amos, still ring true today when speaking of the history and pride of Burnsville Elementary School.


     Burnsville High School was built in 1920 to house students 1st grade through 12th grade. With the consolidation of three high schools in Braxton County, the class of 1969 would be the last class to graduate from Burnsville High School. In 1993, Braxton County would again consolidate the three middle schools and leave Burnsville Elementary School with students PK through 4th grade. In 2011 through 2012 a two year deconsolidation project returned 5th and 6th graders back to Burnsville. Today Burnsville students, PK through 6th grade still proudly don the orange and black colors of the Burnsville Bruins.


     Burnsville School is the oldest operating school building in Braxton County. The auditorium proudly displays class photos of former Burnsville students, while the balcony level serves as an alumni area with more memorabilia of Burnsville’s rich history. A few historical facts that makes our school special: Burnsville School has a basketball signed by President Calvin Coolidge on display in the National Basketball Hall of Fame. Our school gymnasium is also the site of a high school basketball game that launched one former student into the Guinness World Book of Records for the highest scoring performance by one player in high school basketball history worldwide, a record that still stands today!


     This year Burnsville will be celebrating its 97th Alumni Reunion! Burnsville is still working hard to prepare students to move on in their education and become productive members of society. Perhaps former Alumnus Beatrice Brown summed it up best in this stanza from a poem she composed for the last graduating class of Burnsville High School, entitled THE OLD SCHOOL SPEAKS:


“You will march on my children By this river I will stand And to all who yearn for learning I will lend a helping hand.”